EXCITED! Is that Shhuddhi’s script in Varun Dhawan’s hand while coming out...

EXCITED! Is that Shhuddhi’s script in Varun Dhawan’s hand while coming out of Karan Johar’s office?


In the cobwebs of this business, projects come and go in a actor’s life. Some willingly let go of the pictures while some have to let go because of prior obligations. Such is true for Karan Johar‘s much discussed endeavor Shuddhi.From the beginning, the film was stuck either using the lead actors or together with the creation dates.

When Varun and Alia were eventually roped in for the picture, news of it getting shelved made its approach to the social media.

As disappointing as it may seem Karan Johar feels that Shuddhi is jinxed. In one of the occasions he was quoted saying, ” Oh my god, oh my god, I ‘m folding my hands and bowing down to you quit asking me questions about Shuddhi. I do’t know what kind of bad omen the movie is certainly going through, I am not in a position to make it,” he said at the trailer start of Baahubali.

However, if pictures are anything to go by then we’ve got Varun Dhawan redhanded with something that looks a script properly binded from cover to cover. The celebrity has also made an effort to hide the cover of the pamphlet so that nothing is seen on camera. Could this be the script of Shuddhi? Our guess is nearly as good as yours!

Alia on the other hand was seen in her casual look without make up wearing a camo jacket teamed with blue tee that makes for an ideal summer fashion outfit. Stay tuned for more!