EXCLUSIVE MEHENDI DETAILS! Mehendi Was Supposed to Be an All-Girls Affair, But...

EXCLUSIVE MEHENDI DETAILS! Mehendi Was Supposed to Be an All-Girls Affair, But Now Karan’s Family Will Also Join Us – Reveals Bipasha’s Stylist


Oh! The hot-looking duo has incorporated three distinct themes for the wedding! Elaborating about the three motifs, stylist Shyamli Arora and Bipasha’s close friend, spoke to shared the details. “Bipasha wearing a stunning white gown and has always been fascinated with the Church style wedding.

Shyamli further elaborated, Elaborating about the three themes, Bipasha’s close friend and stylist Shyamli Arora, spoke to Pinkvilla and shared the details. “Bipasha has always been fascinated with the Church style wedding and wearing a gorgeous white gown. As she was clear she wanted a traditional Bengali wedding, we decided to incorporate the church-style white theme for the couple’s pre-wedding shoot, ” said Shyamli.

Shyamli further elaborated, “Initially, the photoshoot was just done as a part of pre-wedding pictures. Though, once the pictures were out, they turned out to be extremely good. Bips-Karan’s love & chemistry was unmissable. So Bipasha decided to use those pictures as her E-Invite and hence, the video invite was out. I decided to fulfil the bride-to-be’s wish, so made her wear a stunning white bridal gown, with a tiara and for Karan, I selected a tux and suit; a complete English groom look.”

And what about the Mehendi ceremony? “As all know by now (smiles) it’s a gulabi theme (pink colour) for her mehendi night. Interestingly, Pink and Red are Bipasha’s favourite colours and suit her the most. So we all decided to lock the pink theme, in terms of décor, lighting etc. At first, it was supposed to be an all-girls outing, and no men were part of it (the mehendi night.) Though, later on, we decided and hence, have now invited Karan and his family to the function.”’

We also asked Shyamli what all will happen at the Mehendi and what are the big plans? To this, she said, “It’s completely going to be a fun and frolic night. We (Bipasha’s other GFs and sisters) have planned quite a few surprises for the couple, which will be revealed on that night only. (laughs)”

Lastly, what about the wedding? “As Bipasha and Karan are both travel freaks, we thought that they will have a destination wedding. But as I mentioned earlier, Bips was adamant to go the traditional route, so she opted not to get married outside Mumbai. She and her mother are looking after every small, intimate detail of the wedding day. They both want to follow every ritual and custom. At times, during destination wedding, something or other is left. So it was a conscious call to get married in the city itself. Also, the theme will be inspired by Red – a traditional Bengali colour.”