EXTERIMISTS, Children among 86 burned alive by Boko Haram: officials

EXTERIMISTS, Children among 86 burned alive by Boko Haram: officials


A survivor concealed in a tree says he saw Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams of kids burning among 86 individuals officials say died in the most recent assault by the homegrown Islamic extremists in Nigeria.

Lots of charred corpses and bodies with bullet wounds trashed the roads from Saturday night’s assault on Dalori hamlet and two nearby camps home 25,000 refugees, according to survivors and soldiers at the scene only 5 kilometers from Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram and the largest city in Nigeria’s northeast.

The violence continued as three female suicide bombers blew up among individuals who were able to flee to nearby Gamori hamlet, killing many individuals, in accordance with a soldier because he’s not authorised to talk to journalists in the scene who insisted on anonymity.

Troops arrived around 8:40 pm Saturday but were at Dalori unable to defeat the attackers, who were better armed said soldiers who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorised to talk to the press.

The Boko Haram combatants simply pulled away after reinforcements arrived with more heavy weapons, they said.

Journalists seen the carnage Sunday and talked to survivors who whined it’d taken too long for help to get there from nearby Maiduguri, the military headquarters of the fight to conquer Boko Haram.They said they fear another assault.

Boko Haram continues to be attacking soft targets, increasingly with suicide bombers, because the military last year drove them out of towns and villages in northeastern Nigeria.

The 6-year rebellion has killed about 20,000 individuals and driven 2.5 million from their houses.