EXTREMELY ODD! Is Shahid Kapoor having space issues with wife Mira Rajput...

EXTREMELY ODD! Is Shahid Kapoor having space issues with wife Mira Rajput And the REASON is EX-GIRLFRIEND Kareena Kapoor?

It is extremely odd Shahid Kapoor has avoided talking about his wife Mira Rajput that is pretty, despite being married for over three months. Although tweeting her revealed him some love image several times.

Well, we consider that is precisely why Sasha eventually made a decision to break his quiet this time….and it is SO not what we anticipated.

In a recent interview, the actor talked about how exactly his life has changed after wedding and he’s in that happy-unhappy period now. Joyful because he’s got until he returns home, a loving wife who waits for him. Because she’s eating into all his space, and depressed. Yes! He merely admitted this in one the most diplomatic manners potential asserting his room isn’t the same. Everything right in the lights has altered to the sofa to the colours. “She has began eating within this space which is rightfully my space” declared the performer.

Yet, that said, Sasha clarifies he is not repenting this space problem with Mira. In fact he remembered to among his adoring days and included, “I was striving to adapt to the truth that now I am a married man. And I entered and reached the house. She turned around and she was making something for me and had a huge grin on her face. I insist that she cooks me a meal at least one time a week because she understands how to create the things that is extremely cool. Aww! How sweet is that?

What would you think after this kind of interview of ShaMir’s chemistry?