Factory producing shopping bags collapsed in Lahore, 17 workers killed and several...

Factory producing shopping bags collapsed in Lahore, 17 workers killed and several injured


A factory creating shopping bags failed killing and trapping workers beneath the debris in the Sundar Industrial Estate near Lahore.

Geo News reported that 17 bodies of workers killed in the episode have been recovered while 76 have been rescued in the debris. Rescue services have expressed anxiety that as many as 100 people might be trapped underneath the debris.

Heavy machinery from a nearby Bahria Town building operation additionally reached the site of the event to assist with the aid and rescue operations.

Medicines and water bottles are being passed to those trapped underneath the rubble.

The four storey building had many workers sleeping on the third floor when the building failed.

Because of the great number of people assembled in the site rescue efforts were facing hurdles and army employees have appealed to those standing by to clear the region allowing rescue efforts to move forward.

Geo News was told by sources the factory had been declared dangerous and while the owner had asked the workers to vacate the place they’d sought time to relocate.

It has also been reported by a Geo News reporter on site, the owner had arrived in the factory to ask the workers to leave when the incident happened while one his sons is trapped under the debris, and that he continues to be killed in the event.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) wing of the Pakistan Army had reported previously that engineers as well as urban search and rescue teams have been promptly transferred to partake in the rescue operation in the site of the collapsed building in Lahore.

Also Special Forces also have been dispatched from Rawalpindi by atmosphere for Lahore.

After the occurrence civilian rescue services reached the site of the event because of the site of the episode being far in the key city, with a few postponement.