Fan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan starrer Fan has hit the theatres...

Fan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan starrer Fan has hit the theatres today, SRK Wins it all in this Gamble!


When one of our pals first saw the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s last release Dilwale, she groaned. “Not again!” The box office destiny of the movie is not relevant because in that one effort, SRK undoubtedly has won back his die-hard fans. Just of making something that any mainstream star could not imagine risking with his absolute attempt, he has redeemed himself.

Buff differs for him. His commitment is hard to lose. As Gaurav, he is perfect. As the star Aryan Khanna, he’s flawed. No matter what Gaurav does, you are compelled to believe he is faultless. You need to be his counsel, reason out his actions. Gaurav does, although it’s not often that one of his King Khan’s characters overpower him in a picture. Despite being outrageous, incorrigible and at times absurd, the movie belongs to him.

Right from the initial frame, you tempts. Gaurav is a routine Dilli Ka Launda who harbours large dreams. Bas itna sa khwab tha… But meeting the biggest star in India even for several minutes is impossible. The buff manages the feat by using some inexpensive tricks and illegal methods. The star is miffed. Heartbreak is unavoidable.

For the first hour of the movie, Maneesh keeps the narrative moving smoothly. Would you believe a star may be arrested in a foreign land and refused his lawyer for a day? There are lots of such airheaded examples in the movie which you’ll never purchase. But Maneesh does not appear to care. His beliefs on his content is moving. Gaurav uses his Aryan Khanna -ish face to his advantage. In an issue of days, Aryan loses his stardom his good name and also the mudslinging damages his career of 25 years.

Sharma’s narrative is simple but his enactment lacks conviction. It feels like drama looks like thriller and ends up seeming contrived. Definitely, there are moments that may tear you up. If you don’t choke up at the scene when Gaurav sees Aryan for the first time treat yourself. But Maneesh never makes Aryan as enchanting or affable as Shah Rukh. Neither does he have his cocky attitude, King Khan’s wit or his spunky arrogance. Aryan is flat and he is just as much as he is made by SRK.

But Gaurav comes directly from Maneesh’s heart. He is adorable. His love is overwhelming. Even when you hate his guts, you want to loathe his actions, you can’t do it well. Doff your hat without villainifying him to SRK who gives him that wicked streak.

However, you are exhausted by the film . There are far too many similar looking chase sequences. In case the Pursuit-Breathe-Repeat doesn’t disappoint you, the editing that is poor will. And no matter how novel the movie appears, the final sequence is picked up direct from Darr. The good thing is that one bit hasn’t altered. He still is as earnest, his eyes twinkling with the spark of a newbie. Probably this is the items stars are made of – relentlessness. Eventually SRK saves the day, although the plague of the 2nd half does its best to mar the commendable motives on the other side of the movie.

Never in your wildest dream would you have imagined the top superstar in the country’s to pick a function that could easily ruin his persona up. He could be misconstrued but seems like he’s freed himself from your unneeded pressure of box office wars. At 50, he is a fresh guy that has lived his vision, become the legend that he sought out to be. Remember the television actor, who was not even debuted and the male lead in Bollywood playing second fiddle to an established superstar? Recall how he played adverse parts twice over in his first two or three films…

Like the fan kid of film in him, will walk beside him, henceforth, the King is currently back to pick up from where he began and looks.

We rate the film a 70%.