Fascinating film: Being John Malkovich was nearly Being Tom Cruise

Fascinating film: Being John Malkovich was nearly Being Tom Cruise


Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich (1999) is an endlessly fascinating film, seeing a puppeteer (John Cusack) enchanted inside the mind of the eponymous celebrity.

But when you needed to create an inventory of Hollywood celebrities whose innermost ideas it will be interesting to get a peek of, affable Scientologist Tom Cruise that is oddly would certainly be close to the very best.

“And when they requested me to get it done, I had been somewhat worried. Not at all in regards to the tone or content, but the feeling of, in the event that you are doing a movie wherever your name isn’t above the title however in the title, you then could possess some serious narcissistic tendencies which might need looking at.”

He proposed they use another household name.

Kaufman was requested by Malkovich, but the screenwriter insisted on using John.

Good-received though BJM was, Malkovich has doubts about its heritage. He described to Rolling Stone, coining the lively sentence “Your life becomes a blowjob” in the procedure:

“[Kaufman] said: either the film’s a bomb and it is got … my name in the title, so I am f*cked that manner; or it does nicely and I am only eternally linked with this particular character.

“But [the heritage] for me, not much. After all, in modern culture… [Long pause] It Is kind of like should you get a bl*wjob from the man that is incorrect, then your life becomes a bl*wjob. So Being John Malkovich constantly must be referred to in some supposedly clever or dry or snarky manner.”