Father kills his daughter for saying she don’t love him

Father kills his daughter for saying she don’t love him


A man beat his daughter to death with the air conditioning hose in her bedroom for supposedly saying he was not loved by her.

The seven-year-old girl, Yara, was reportedly locked in her bedroom by her dad after he’ hit her all over her body’ and afterwards discovered her in critical condition.

Yara, who succumbed to her injuries on their way to the hospital, had recently moved in with her father underneath the conditions of her parents’ divorce, her mother revealed.

“Yara didn’t wish to move in with him and she was quite unhappy,” her mom said. Additionally, in a statement she told prosecutors “He used a hose which he snatched from the air conditioning unit and beat her mother all over her body.

“He began beating her only because she told him that she did not love him,” she also said, adding that “He was furious and locked her inside a room. She had an uncontrollable crying fit.”

He found she was in a bad condition and drove her upon unlocking the room. His efforts nevertheless were as she died on their way to the hospital.

In his defence, the dad said he desired to ‘educate’ his daughter and while prosecutors farther investigate the death of the girl, Yara’s mum’s lawyer said they are now “waiting for the final medical report and for the prosecutors’ charges.”