Figure concerned Tiffani Thiessen said “NO MORE KIDS”

Figure concerned Tiffani Thiessen said “NO MORE KIDS”


“Tiffani believe her family is complete”

“I was very fortunate to have one of each and I believe two’re joyful. Two do not want to be too selfish, right?”


True, but when you’ve got children as husband Brady Smith’s and adorable as Thiessen, it looks like it’d be difficult to resist sharing those genes that are amazing with more packages of delight!

Thiessen says Harper has already revealed her “motherly instinct” with her infant bro, including, “I believe her only trouble is kissing him too much. Harper adores her little brother. She is like a little mother.”

The brunette beauty, 41, who is Mama to 5-year old daughter Harper and 3-month-old son Holt, appears totally content with her family of four, as do the doting siblings who have been busy bonding since Holt’s arrival in July.

Thiessen says: “motherly instinct” with her baby bro, adding, “I think her only problem is kissing him too much. She loves her little brother so much. She’s like a little mommy.”