FINALLY REVEALED! Karan Johar to launch Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan!

FINALLY REVEALED! Karan Johar to launch Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan!


Wow! A lot of questions! Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan’s camaraderie is among the very discussed camaraderie. Karan and SRK’s camaraderie is rather unique and it will not be a surprise to understand that Karan would like to start Shah Rukh’s son Aryan also, while the pair have done several movies together! And boy it was just said by me! On starting the star’s son, Karan really plans! While the Dilwale performer is to Karan beyond family, he’s got a striking link along with his children too. Who better to start him since we are already dying to view Aryan introduction in a movie when you possibly can?

Well we’re not saying it, Karan himself is! In a interview with a top daily, Karan was asked what he felt in regards to another Bollywood celebrities feeling alienated by him as he works extensively with SRK to which he quoted,

“I don’t think so. Working with SRK was and is something that I always cherish. I feel whenever there are two people who are strong and close to each other, there is a section of people who are never happy with their closeness. Shah Rukh is beyond family to me. In fact, my equation with him has moved from him to his kids now. I always tell him, ‘I am going to maintain my youth quotient only because I want to launch Aryan (Shah Rukh’s son). No one else can launch Aryan but me (smiles).”

That is really large, I have to say. How about Suhana? Would KJo be found the star’s daughter at the same time?