FINALLY! Salman Khan reveals the first look of the BB house in...

FINALLY! Salman Khan reveals the first look of the BB house in three clicks


The reality show that is most followed is back on television with a brand new and maybe wild season! For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, the house could have both commoners and stars under the roof. We’ve got the list of common people who’ll be remaining in your house, though most of them look like strugglers. Though we still don’t have the entire confirmed list of celebs for sure, there have been unquestionably chances that television performers Karan Mehra, Arjit Taneja, Rohan Verma are a part of the celeb roll call. Salman Khan’s distinct getups for the teasers have already got us hooked onto the new season, which we’re praying should be unquestionably better than the last one. So fingers crossed that the new season will make up for the middling performance of the last season.

The makers haven’t disclosed much about the home, and how it’ll look Salman Khan has taken it upon himself to show us the glimpse of the home in the outside through his tweets. Using only one frame that reveals us the garden as well as a small portion of the place that is sitting, we first see Salman Khan looking at the house in the outside, showing us his back…

So those who’ve been complaining about not getting a peek of your house, well here it is courtesy Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss will start airing from October 16.