Cutie Pie! Find out who is Ranveer Singh’s New Fan!

Cutie Pie! Find out who is Ranveer Singh’s New Fan!


Ranveer Singh loves an enormous fan following and has created himself as an effective performer on the amount of time. Particularly, when it comes to loving adulation that is female, the performer is very popular with girls. Calling him the ‘Ladies Man’ will not be incorrect either.

And another female devotee has been located by Ranveer in renowned vocalist Asha Bhonsle’s granddaughter, Zanai Bhonsle. The wonderful girl in the picture, modeling together with the performer, Zanai is 14-year old and already an expert singer like her grandmother! This gifted girl is going to be shortly singing together with the transgender group ‘6 Pack Band.’

Zanai had previously sung a cover of the 2013 hit number of Pharrell William, Hum Hain Happy Sab Rab De Bande, as well as a second. This is her third course.

Seem like, Zanai had her fangirl moment when she and Ranveer met, and Asha ji chose to twitter to thank the celebrity because of his gesture. Shukriya. Aapki Asha.” Warm, lovely, kind & talented, just like her grandmother!