FINGERS CROSSED: Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol’s Dilwale will have a BIGGER opening than...

FINGERS CROSSED: Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol’s Dilwale will have a BIGGER opening than Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani, predicts Tarot!


December 18 will see the battle of two mega films in the BO with supporters from both sides encouraging in anticipation of the big day, and waiting eagerly. Yet, that will rake in the moolah in the box office is a question that commerce analyzers will not be ready to reply right now.

Shradha Salla, numerologist and a celeb tarot card reader, forecasts what’s going to work that movie.

Dilwale will have larger opening

I see it having much more in relation to the creative part of the film, and an extremely large opening, the fiscal standing is going to be quite powerful. Box office groups will go sky high. Since many people would need to just view them, the energy of SRK and Kajol coming after so long is a huge edge for the movie. Rohit’s fortune is not weak and as he got it this film also will be a fun- . It’ll be appreciated. BM will fills up all the displays. Dilwale will open large and the primary weekend groups will cross over ’45 crores.”

Nevertheless, Shradha forecasts that in the future, Bajirao Mastani will have groups that are higher. Some of US will love it, it will be hated by some, but every single individual will go see it. The music is going to be a success, also. Dress styles and the dancing is likely to be followed with box office groups. BM will cross Dilwale at some stage since this film is going to be viewed over once by the exact same man.”