‘finish the job’ David Cameron pledges in conference speech

‘finish the job’ David Cameron pledges in conference speech


David Cameron has assured to “finish the job we started” while delivered his big Conservative conference speech.

The prime minister, who will step down before the next election, said he did not have the “luxury of unlimited time” and pledged “a greater Britain”.

He hurled his sparking outspoken outbreak on Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of a “Britain-hating ideology”.

Mr Cameron also broadcasted what he named “a dramatic shift” in the guidelines on affordable housing policy.

In his dialogues, Mr Cameron fascinated to the centre ground of British politics, with an extended unit on equality, and said the Conservatives would “keep our head as Labour lose theirs”.

Britain has the lowest social mobility in the developed world, Mr Cameron said.

“Here, the salary you earn is more linked to what your father got paid than in any other major country,” he said.

“I’m sorry, for us Conservatives, the party of aspiration, we cannot accept that.”