first colour printer that is 100ppm is released by Canon

first colour printer that is 100ppm is released by Canon


Upcoming month the imagePress C10000VP ships and will be revealed at Canon Expo in Paris, which takes place from 13-15 October.

The first 100ppm colour printing engine that is firm’s. The imagePress inside the selection up until now published at 80ppm.

European product marketing director Adrian Campomanses stated Canon had released the newest product in reaction to rising demand for products with the capacity of printing speeds above 90ppm.

“We took what the market and customers are telling us, there is a requirement for this type of engine with premium quality and high productivity,” he said.

The C10000VP is directed at industrial models and printing sectors. It prints in CMYK at total rated ron stock from 60 – 350gsm lined marks from 70-350gsm. It also handles expert press, such as synthetics and addresses a maximum paper size of 330x762mm. The decision is 2,400dpi.

Duplex A4 pace will be the identical to for individual-sided, along with the regular duty period is 1.5m pages.

“This is not only a rapid update of an engine, there are lots of new technologies while in the push,” Campomanses explained.

Canon was not able to give a value for the new model.

While the product employs the identical Continually Brilliant (CV) toner as the present imagePress C800 style, it’s a new creator unit and reduced fusing temperature for increased shade reliability and precision.

“It has two fusing units and our Double Fusing Technology implies it goes at 100ppm actually on major or mixed-media careers. Should you be publishing 150gsm that is uncoated it’ll go through one fusing system. Or, when the inventory is finished 150gsm or you’re printing on covered media, it will go through two he explained.

Also fresh is an spectrophotometer for colour calibration, and Campomanses claimed an additional shift belt’s use intended there is registration accuracy that is enhanced and no product deformation. Fresh subscription handle technology gives -to-back enrollment tolerance of 0.5mm.

An air knife divides stocks that are light in order to avoid jamming, which Campomanses explained was not particularly unattractive for potential customers inside the direct mail sector.

It could be driven by Canon’s own frontend or by the FS200, Hot.

Inline finishing options incorporate a fresh creasing purpose and striking unit.

Since the ImagePress brand premiered in 2006 000 happen to be installed global, with more than 2000 C800 series products distributed in Europe.