First ever gold medallist Din Muhammad from Pakistan

First ever gold medallist Din Muhammad from Pakistan


Among the primary reasons of the downfall in sports in Pakistan is that, the heroes of the past will not be given due regard. Other states make films on their heroes of 50’s and 60’s but all the Pakistanis do not even bother to know the name of the first ever gold medallist in Pakistan.


Pakistan participated after it is development in 1948 and 1952 Olympics but came back empty handed.

The organisers failed to have national anthem and Pakistan flag as it wasn’t used. But Din Muhammad said he’ll just stand on the podium national anthem is played and if Pakistan’s flag is hoisted and refused to take the medal.

The organisers needed to organize the national anthem and flag in Pakistan.

However he was disappointed when he came back and had not been given. He endured an injury in a practice session and wrestling authorities failed to take care of him, and that’s the reason why he needed to take retirement. Din Muhammad was disappointed after viewing the behavior of wrestling federation and this was the reason he lived a life of a farmer and kept his kids from wrestling grounds. 88 -year old Din Muhammad lives Batapur near Wahga Border, in a little hamlet waiting for admiration and recognition he deserves.