First look of RAEES is out! Check out release date

First look of RAEES is out! Check out release date


Mahira Khan has high spirits thats why every one is looking forward through the release of ‘Raees’ and expecting her tremendous start in Bollywood. First look of trailer is amazing and Mahira khan is looking extra ordinary. Mahira is a huge fan of SRK and thats how she get a chance to work with him in her first debut in Bollywood.

In this way she managed to join the ranks of Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, who also were fortunate enough to begin their livelihood by starring with Shah Rukh in their first film. However as luck would have it her sailing has appear with hurdles and blocks.

Raees’ is ‘ed by the movie, was set day and was to coincide with Salman Khans release of ‘Sultan’, thus setting in motion a huge fight between the two stars at box office. That didn’t occur as ‘Raees’ couldn’t catch the release date and also nothing is certain.

As for Mahira, she was most hopeful about a terrific kick off to her Bollywood career, once ‘Raees’ got released .That hasn’t happened and consequently she feels disappointed and troubled. Media came to know that offers have come up for Mahira from other Bollywood sources, but these cannot be availed as contract states with the makers of ‘Raees’, place a bar on her from taking up other work till the release of ‘Raees’. The legalities have put the Pakistani beauty in a tricky situation.

Attempts are in place to find a release date. Shah Rukh Khan himself has pioneered various moves to get the film released in January 2017. To your house of Rakesh Roshan Shah Rukh Khan has even gone in this regard to solve professional dilemmas, which possibly is the first time this has been done by SRK. It really is hoped that success will be reached in getting a release date for ‘Raees’ which will bring Mahira relief also whose career is up against the wall.