First Syrian refugee family is taken in by Vatican

First Syrian refugee family is taken in by Vatican


The family — a mother, a father as well as their two kids — are a Christian church with close ties to the Roman Catholic Church, Melkite Greek Catholics and came from Damascus. The Vatican said the family, which had not been named, arrived on September 6 in Italy, the day Pope Francis made his appeal to open their doors. The four Syrians have asked for asylum.

In this period, they are going to be helped and followed by the Parish of Santa Anna,” the Vatican said.
The Vatican said it couldn’t yet provide any info in regards to another family which is likely to be placed by the St Peter’s management.

Thousands of individuals, mainly fleeing poverty and war in Africa and the Middle East, have crossed into Europe in a inflow the 28-nation European Union has fought to bear. Appearing to help facilitate the catastrophe, the pope encouraged across Europe to take parishes some 120,000 in one family each. His appeal has drawn a mixed response up to now.

Some parishioners happen to be hostile to the notion of welcoming in Muslims. Monks in a hamlet in Slovakia needed to take back an offer to house Christian Syrian refugees after locals baulked in the concept.

Its little Christian community is among the earliest on earth, making up an estimated 10 percent of the people prior to the outbreak of the Syrian unrest in 2011, although a large proportion of Syrians are Muslims. It is unclear how many have stayed in town.