FITNESS COMMANDER SIDHARTH MALHOTRA! Exercises every man should know

FITNESS COMMANDER SIDHARTH MALHOTRA! Exercises every man should know


“When I started working out in the age of 18, my fitness center was controlled by power-lifters who concentrated on single motions enjoys quats, deadlifts with lots of heavy weights. But that just makes you stiffer and heftier.”

It Is not a kind Sidharth Malhotra backs anymore. The truth is, our fitness Commander In Chief insists the tendency is towards a more slender, more body that is proportionate. And to make things easier for the regular issue couch potato, he urges the sole three exercises you will ever want. Sidharth includes, “Instead of concentrating on repetitions, focus on time spent instead.

“You should be able to correctly execute 10 push-ups. And don’t cheat by using your knees for support — at the very least, a healthy man should be able to carry his own upper body weight.”


These are the five major changes Sidharth Malhotra made to his life to help boost his fitness and improve his over-all health.

“In my early 20s, I discovered the blood type diet. I’m O+, so I’m supposed to avoid dairy and wheat, and embrace a high protein diet. The first thing I did was to eliminate wheat for two weeks. My energy levels were higher and my sinus irritation went away. That changed my whole idea of nutrition. My stomach can digest warm milk, for instance, but reacts to.”