‘Force 2’ shoot in Hungary strike by chaos

‘Force 2’ shoot in Hungary strike by chaos


The Hungary shoot of Sona-starrrer and a John pushed due to repercussions of the Syrian War refugee disaster

Nevertheless, pulling a shoot off there continues to be no mean job, thanks to the Middle East chaos which has changed the state also.

Says a source, “The present surroundings of Budapest where the unit of the movie is based has created a political discussion using the Syrian War refugees trying to go into the area through Hungary and Germany. The team didn’t need to alter the site and had, nevertheless, fixed the place well ahead of time.

“Many Hollywood films have been shot in Budapest and the makers of this film had also zeroed in on an interesting place in the city to kick off the first schedule,” adds the source. The film’s spokesperson confirms the news, saying,

“The unit had to delay the mahurat by a few days due to political turmoil in the capital (of Hungary). The team has kicked off the shoot now and is running on schedule.”