France: According to the ‘NEW LAW’ pay for sex is illegal

France: According to the ‘NEW LAW’ pay for sex is illegal


France would be to allow it to be illegal to buy sex after MPs eventually approved a fresh laws on prostitution following over two years of resistance and rows by senators.

Underneath the brand new law, anyone got buying any action from a sex worker is likely to be fined and required to attend courses on the harms of prostitution.

There will be second, which would a a $1,500 fine for a first offence, increasing to €3,750 for also be put the man’s criminal record. The wrongdoer will have to attend courses emphasizing the damages of prostitution.
64 votes passed the law to 12.

Included in these are Iceland and Norway. Northern Ireland introduced laws to make it the only area of the UK where individuals could be convicted of paying for sex, a year ago.

The Socialist MP Maud Olivier, who championed the Bill said “reduce [prostitution], protect prostitutes who want to leave it and to change mentalities”.

Adversaries of the law warned that by cracking down on customers, sex workers could be pushed into and underground exposed positions with less protection.

An important element of the laws is the fact that it’ll abolish a contentious 2003 law passive soliciting on the road was prohibited by that. It’d been extensively criticised on the earth by support groups and charities.

The sex worker will be treated by the laws passed on Wednesday as a victim as an alternative to a criminal. It will likewise allow it to be simpler for foreign sex workers, a number of whom are illegally to obtain should they embark on a programme to locate other work, a short-term residence permit.

Prostitution itself – receiving cash for sex – isn’t a crime. But actions around it are. Laws forbid purchasing sex and pimping, human trafficking.