French Fashion Line ElevenParis sue by Beyoncé

French Fashion Line ElevenParis sue by Beyoncé


ElevenParis, French fashion line, has made an opponent of quite several high profile stars.

The criticism centers around using names and pictures emblazoned on tshirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, and cell phone cases. ElevenParis can also be accused of using copyrighted song lyrics.

The Hollywood Reporter disclosed one among the charges in the suit reveals Beyonce gently signed a deal with all the French home in January. Conditions of Beyonce’s deal stay secret, but she’s still accusing ElevenParis of “violating the terms and conditions” by selling unlicensed products.

The suit also says the trend business was sent cease and desist letters multiple times above their utilization of the stars’ names, likeness, and pictures. ElevenParis has yet to answer to the suit.