GANG RAPE! Four suspects apprehended in brutal gang rape of Brooklyn woman

GANG RAPE! Four suspects apprehended in brutal gang rape of Brooklyn woman


Four adolescents suspected of having taken part in the gang rape of an 18-year old girl at gunpoint a resort area in Brooklyn happen to be taken into detention, the New York Police Department declared Sunday night.A fifth man suspected in the strike continues to be being sought.

One told him to leave and pointed a gun in the girl’s dad. Then the guys took turns raping the girl.

The guys had fled, although the dad returned with two police officers.

The strike has touched off a wave of insecurity in the Brownsville neighborhood in Brooklyn, a largely residential area which has put relatively high crime rates as those in the remaining part of the city have dropped. It also prompted questions from elected officials regarding the NYPD’s answer to the offense, which took almost 20 minutes following the guys first approached their casualty, in line with the Times.
“I ‘m disgusted and greatly saddened by the horrific assault,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday, in line with the Associated Press. He added, “Every New Yorker in every neighborhood deserves to feel safe and protected, and we shall not quit before the perpetrators of the affecting assault are held responsible for his or her activities.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also released a statement deploring the assault and encouraging the authorities to conduct an investigation to the answer “to ascertain if everything possible was done to defend the victim as well as the people.”

Adams also questioned why authorities waited to notify the community and people leaders regarding the strike.

“A rape occurs on the Upper East Side, it wouldn’t take two days for that info to come out, as well as individuals to be shielded, as well as individuals to be conscious,” he told WABC, referring to some rich Manhattan area.

Law enforcement answered with a statement claiming that policemen answered when their patrol car was approached by the sufferer’s dad. An increased search turned up surveillance video of the five guys entering a bodega prior to the strike, although descriptions of the defendants are not immediately accessible, the statement included. The video was launched within six hours of its own discovery to the media, just as it recovered could be reviewed and reproduced.