Get Set Go! Donald Trump seeks to regain edge with economic populism

Get Set Go! Donald Trump seeks to regain edge with economic populism


Donald Trump has sought to recover his advantage returning to the topics of financial populism that helped fuel his upsurge toward becoming the frontrunner for the United States Republican presidential nomination.

Mr Trump also said he intends to spend significantly in 2016 on ads in early voting states ahead of the primary nominating contests.

“I am likely to be doing large advertising in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and they are likely to be quite significant.”

But he continues to hold the edge in national surveys.

The recent Reuters/Ipsos 5- day revealed Mr Trump compared to Mr Cruz at nearly 14 per cent.

‘Understand the game’

Talking to a big bunch in Council Bluffs, Mr Trump vowed to return production jobs.

He restated his vow to levy a 35 per cent tax on goods brought to America by businesses that utilise foreign labour in countries like Mexico.

But Mr Trump trained his wrath than Mr Cruz or some of his Republican opponents rather about the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Of the prospect of facing the very first feasible girl nominee for the presidency in the general election, Mr Trump noted, “If it must be a girl, it should not be Hillary.”

An aggressive travel program has been declared by him in those states.