Ghulam Ali said he won’t return to India until “Things are settled...

Ghulam Ali said he won’t return to India until “Things are settled down”


Ghulam Ali also expressed his disappointment over the recent incidents, asserting that Indian devotees have always welcomed his music and him with open arms.

“I’ve cancelled all my future concerts in India, will never come back to India. I am not going to perform until things settle down. I’m hurt by recent incidents in India.

As of now I have determined not to come to India. Indian fans have already been really supportive. I am a singer, I will speak about music, not politics,” the singer told CNN IBN news channel.

All his scheduled concerts, for example, one in Delhi and another in Lucknow, happen to be scrapped.

The singer was stopped following the Shiv Sena threatened to disrupt his concerts from performing in Pune as well as in Mumbai last month. It led to some disagreement, with artistes from all possible sections urging that art be kept out of politics.

The singer had then said that he was not glad, but his admiration for India remains undiminished.