Good News! First time in India: A radio cab service, run and...

Good News! First time in India: A radio cab service, run and operated by LGBT community


LGBT community will be restricted to singing, dancing at parties, or reducing to ending up as a hooker in search of two square meals in a day, or panhandling. Your choice of giving an official acknowledgement to them was aimed at removing the discrimination and helping them in availing equal opportunities in employment and education.

Nevertheless, the stigma around them continued to make with minimal or no job opportunities in the corporate world for his or her existence that was shadowed. In Thailand, unlike India, the LGBT community is permitted to work in every sector.

To focus on, five members of the community will soon be given considerable driving training for next six months, and be instructed some skills that are soft to enhance their social actions. Subsequent to the end, they are going to be helped in receiving a driving licence that is professional to reach on the Mumbai roads. This LGBT powered radio taxi service ‘Wings Rainbow’ is likely to roll out in the time of a year from now.