GOOD NEWS FOR FANS! Does Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s this...

GOOD NEWS FOR FANS! Does Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s this Twitter chat hint at Dear Zindagi’s teaser release date?


Okay it was a sly manner of announcing the teaser release date of Dear Zindagi or it’s merely him and Alia Bhatt trying new ways of torturing us with suspense around their forthcoming film! Now this layout is something we’ve detected which seems like a strategy from SRK and Alia ’s side they have to declare anything Dear Zindagi connected. Even when the duo announced the release date of the coming movie, it was through a Twitter chat, if you remember. When Alia took to her handle and shared a video today, we knew it for sure that the answer would be that too via a video and from SRK. Mr Khan shared a video after quite a long wait, really, just as we assumed! But hey, we’re used to awaiting the star!

So Shah Rukh said, yes Monday, Shah Rukh said, “Hi Alia, yes Monday is my favourite day too. The seventh (smirks) favourite. This is the perennial mystery of life that how is it if Monday is so far from Friday in a weekend, Friday is so close to Monday. It seems Monday is a good punishment for a good weekend that we have. But now Monday is over so I can’t do anything about it. But I promise you a wonderful Wednesday. Actually, an orange wonderful Wednesday. Just wait for Wednesday. And if it makes you feel nice, guess what. I have an off day on a Monday. All the best, I’m gonna chill. Bye bye Dear Zindagi!”

Wait, so does that mean something will occur on Wednesday such as something or perhaps a teaser release?

Just where she said a few minutes past a video had been shared by Alia, “Dear Zindagi, why can’t Monday blues ever be happy? Or peach? Like Monday Peach or Monday Pink? You know what I mean, joyful. Why ca n’t it be joyful?” That’s a very legit question Miss Bhatt. Is Monday always related to blues? It may be a happy day as a genesis of a new week, new experiences, new, lots of stuff basically! So yes, we do agree with you Alia. However, we’re not the pone she’s expecting an answer from. So her life coach, SRK answered with a tweet, “Hmmm have to figure this out? Fine gimme a little time to brush my teeth, just woke up. Getting back to u.”

Nevertheless, he didn’t reply for quite some time so a frustrated Alia tweetd back that she was waiting. Well, can it be just us or have you been too loving this cute teacher-pupil relationship that SRK and Alia are sharing in this movie? In reality, their Twitter can also be so high in adorable moments exchanged that it just makes the wait for December more challenging.

Alia and SRK, we can’t wait! Stay tuned to this space for latest updates and more gossips!