Good NEWS! Is HOT Katrina Kaif aiming for SIZE ZERO

Good NEWS! Is HOT Katrina Kaif aiming for SIZE ZERO


These days every time she steps out, she’s making a statement along with her sartorial choices. The Fitoor smasher is making the fashion police along with her wonderful sauce and is busy painting the town red together with the movie promotions! Her SIZE.

Yes! Kat seems a waif lean variation of her self with shapely legs, tiny waist and those chiseled arms. It’s practically hard to imagine that she’s the identical man who flaunted her body frame that is somewhat healthy.

Particularly her lower body. Do not agree with us? Then let us refresh your recollection. Recall her short skirts from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan do not get it from one bits and Nyc? Then, have a look at her. And look at her recent appearances.

Many eyebrows were raised by her existence at Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss ending. But did not you see how thin she appeared in beige gown and that angelic blue? One thing for sure, Salman could not help but break alongside him into a broad grin with her, yeah but she did seem quite svelte. Her face seems sharp and more angular.

The difference is dismay. She’s undoubtedly lost oodles of weight and question if her breakup has anything regarding it. In the event the woman is taking a great care of herself, but, we’re not whining. What would you believe?

We’re waiting.