Good News: Urwa Hocane SOON to debut in Bollywood

Good News: Urwa Hocane SOON to debut in Bollywood


Is Pakistani celebrity Urwa Hocane creating a debut in a Bollywood film and additionally likely to follow in the footsteps of her sister Mawra?

All of us understand Mawra Hocane has made a decision to star opposite Indian celebrity Harshvardhan Rane in a Bollywood film. The movie, titled Sanam Teri Kasam, is going to be published on January 8 of next year.

This may be the advent on the silver screen of Mawra Hocane and she hasn’t played in a movie before, notably one in the Indian film industry.

The sister Urwa of Mawra Hocane can also be a well-known performer in Pakistan and is famous for her characters that are leading in numerous drama serials along with Na Maloom Afraad. Urwa had said that she’d not do the film since it required bold scenes to be shot by her and that she’d sign a Bollywood film which will supply her with a more ‘meaty’ character.

Well, it appears that another Hocane might shortly be headed for the Indian movie indsutry at the same time.

Has she can declare an approaching Bollywood film and arrived to additionally read scripts or has Urwa?