GOODBYE SINGLE LIFE! Scott Disick Caught Out With New Girlfriend: She’s A...

GOODBYE SINGLE LIFE! Scott Disick Caught Out With New Girlfriend: She’s A Kendall Jenner Look-Alike


Scott Disick seems to be saying farewell to the single life as he is now romancing a young model that is hot! What is a lot more insane, She’s A Kendall Jenner Look-Alike. LOL.

Look Kourtney Kardashian away! 32, her baby daddy Scott Disick, continues to be caught out near his Calabasas house having a woman that was new her name is Christine Burke, 20 and that he’s been hooking up with recently.

Scott was seen out having a cosy lunch using a stunning Christine, who happens to be tall, thin, has brown eyes and dark brown hair and has exactly the same characteristics as Kenny. But hey, she is a looker and completely rocked a black Rolling Stones tshirt and short shorts for his or her big day out, while Scott kept it everyday at the same time, in his typical appearance of a white tshirt and jeans.

The pair continues to be seeing each other for weeks, based on Us Weekly. Not only did they possess a sweet lunch together they also had a romantic dinner at the Nobu restaurant in Malibu the nighttime before. That Scott certainly knows how to romance a woman! Have you been a fan of Scott? If so, click the link to purchase an uproarious Lord Disick tshirt.

Christine was there with him the entire time while Scott had promised he was having a lads weekend along with his buddy Joe! But from looking over her Instagram one thing we can not get over is she’s almost Kendall’s identical twin! In certain pictures, it is virtually not possible to inform both apart.