GOOGLE CRISIS! Google tax deal ‘seems small’ say MPs

GOOGLE CRISIS! Google tax deal ‘seems small’ say MPs


An influential group of MPs has criticised an arrangement between Google over how much the firm must pay in back taxes and also the tax authority.

This is in comparison with all the size of Google’s company in britain.

The PAC chair, Meg Hillier, MP said public rage in the deal to cover taxes due within the previous 10 years had been “palpable”

‘Settled less for ‘

The committee said it was difficult to judge if the deal had not been unfair to citizens, due to the insufficient transparency over information on the resolution and the way it had been reached.

It was concerned the taxman “seems to get settled for less” corporation tax from Google than other nations will willingly take.

If new evidence became available as an outcome of investigations, it called to reopen the deal.