Google push the boat out of the Special Olympics World Games 2015...

Google push the boat out of the Special Olympics World Games 2015 with a doodle


Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates the Special Olympics World Games. 

Google’s front page-get set, go! On July 24, 2015

The latest Google Doodle is celebrating 14th Special Olympics World Summer Games, game is quite thrilling!

Today’s Google Doodle starts 14th Special Olympics World Summer Games, which have been jerked out currently and will be carried on until August 2.

Animated athletes above the Google are revealed playing with balls, lifting heavy weights and swimming. As enjoying gaming.

The 2015 games festival will be roomed in Los Angeles and 7,000 athletes are listed for the game festival-Travelling from 170 different countries to participate.


She was a well-known reporter, newsprint publisher administrator and human rights innovative.

Google Doodle is celebrating Ida B. Wells’ 153rd birthday today, uploaded a drawing of the well-known reporter and futuristic. Drawing shows her hard working and dedication towards her profession as she is sitting at her writing table and engaged in writing stuff.

Wells was a superior journalist as well as editor-who raised her voice for human rights, children abuse and worked hard for women’s suffrage. She was the controller and editor of two newspapers in Memphis in her 20’s. Later on she migrates to Chicago and ran the Chicago Conservator.

Google explained well’s was a source of honor for Google Doodle, she was the most efficient lady.

“We salute Ida B. Wells with a Doodle that commemorates her journalistic mettle and her unequivocal commitment to the advancement of civil liberties.”