Gossip these days: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still in a relationship?

Gossip these days: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still in a relationship?


Selena Gomez stated that she was “p***ed” at Justin Bieber when the pair decided to stop their relationship but insists any anger is finished now and the former couple have “close”.

She said: “I think people really wanted to see me fail. I’d sit down in an interview and get the most harshly asked questions. Of course I got my heart broken. Of course I was p***ed about it. There, everybody has it. I was so disappointed, because I never wanted my career to be a tabloid story.


“At this point, there is no anger. There’s closure in a very good, healthy way. We’ve seen each other. I’m always encouraging and I am proud of his journey. I think people are making it out to be something that is more tragic than it really was. We grew up together. We both made mistakes. That’s it.”

The 23-year old beauty additionally acknowledges she found it “uncomfortable and scary” having to deal with such a people break up.

She told Refinery 29: “The year was not merely me trying to transition in my career – it was my entire life. I had to reconfigure everything. That was a little quite frightening and uncomfortable.


“You can try to work on things and fix them, but at the end of the day, you have to accept what is in front of you, and that’s sometimes hard to do. I think there are people who have been in my life who are seasonal. Even people who I have dated have been just that. It’s part of growing up.”