GREAT France prepares tribute to Charlie Hebdo, Jewish shop victims

GREAT France prepares tribute to Charlie Hebdo, Jewish shop victims


France this week commemorates the victims of a Jewish supermarket with another cartoon lampooning faith, memorial plaques and eulogies and this past year’s Islamist militant strikes on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Other authorities cornered the at large Charlie Hebdo gunmen and killed that same day to them.

Charlie Hebdo plans a unique version using a cover cartoon revealing an angry God with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle strapped to his back and blood on his hands. “One year after, the assassin continues to be on the run,” the headline says.

An editorial said the magazine would continue despite religious extremists who desired to muzzle it. “They will not be the ones to see Charlie expire – Charlie will see them kick the bucket,” it declared.

The attacks prompted a global solidarity movement, with the “Je Suis Charlie” (I ‘m Charlie) motto going viral on social networking.

In the next wave of strikes on Nov. 13, Islamist militants mowed down folks in Paris cafes and a concert hall and assaulted an arena in what was the country’s worst postwar atrocity.

On Tuesday, President Francois Hollande is due to attend low key services unveiling commemorative plaques in the primary sites of the January assaults which is attended by families and government officials.

Another plaque will be unveiled by him in memory of the slain policewoman on Saturday.

On Sunday, a public service is planned at Place de la Republique, the square in eastern Paris that became an everyday memorial and brought mass rallies in favour of free speech and democratic values following the strikes.

Hollande will preside over the service, during which a 10-metre-high commemorative oak tree will soon be put.

Hollande can also be scheduled to address members of the security forces on Thursday to various groups of French society as portion of his traditional New Year’s greetings.