Great Grand Masti REVIEW: Riteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi’s antics will make...

Great Grand Masti REVIEW: Riteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi’s antics will make you swear off sex comedies!


The Masti lads are back! When the Censor copy of the movie got leaked a few weeks past, preponing the release date of the picture great Grand Masti ran into tremendous trouble. Urvashi Rautela plays with a hot phantom in the picture.

Let’s see … what has been turned out by Great Grand Masti!

What it is about? 

Fed up with the dearth of activity in their own life, the threesome go for a brief excursion to Amar’s ancestral house, with the belief the gaon ki choris can give some to them. On the other hand, the house is haunted by a hot phantom (Urvashi Rautela), who desires to seduce among them to sleep with her, because she’d died as a virgin. The only catch is, they are going to expire after the action if they do sleep with her!

What’s hot

It was pleasant to see Iqbal star Shreyas Talpade after a number of years in a Bollywood movie, even when it is for a cameo appearance (that also, a terrible one at that!). Sanjay Mishra’s Hindi tune-established dialogues may also generate some tunes!

What’s not

Would it mean anything if I say Great Grand Masti is the worst movie of among the most derided franchises? Because despite the empty jokes, the movie had a soul I’d even loved the first Masti movie. And it was truly amusing at the same time! But as the franchise started to spawn sequels, big time deteriorated, leaving some very relevant questions to us. Like…

# Why does Indra Kumar believe revealing cleavages every second would carry through the sex part of the sex humor?

How long can we take Riteish’s and Aftab’s exaggerated expressions mimicry that is now persistent?

# Do the girls in Masti franchise solely exist to fulfil male dreams to ensure we can attribute them more or neglect at it?

# Is left our humor screenwriters have forgotten to snitch?

When will Bollywood really learn that humor means getting folks LOL? Just grimacing doesn’t suffice!

When will we make a sex comedy that is good, and not tripe such as this that really make us cringe at the event in embarrassment?

Because a segment of crowd has a matter for perverted comedies # Why do I raise these questions once I understand Bollywood would continue to churn pictures like these?

Great Grand Masti isn’t a movie. It’s an embarrassment. It’s a serious head ache inducing exercise. Let’s expect that better joke is found by Indra Kumar -writers if he intends another one, or better, quit for all and this assembly line creation once!