‘GTA 6’ Latest Gossips Say that Gamers Jump from the Window, and...

‘GTA 6’ Latest Gossips Say that Gamers Jump from the Window, and Could Scale High Rise Flats, Rob It?


Game developer Rockstar Games has yet to produce an official announcement or statement to verify or deny these latest guesses regarding the game therefore it needs to be taken using a fine grain.

Nevertheless, it’s possible that these scenarios are only wishful thinking of some creative gamers as these characteristics haven’t yet been taken on in previous versions of “Grand Theft Auto” video games.

Some critics also opine that integrating such characteristics would debunk the reality in the “GTA” video game franchise, which Rockstar seems to have always kept over time.

The whole US for the realism’s gameplay

There have already been enough rumors and guesses about the sixth episode of the open world action adventure video game franchise “Grand Theft Auto” that one would readily surmise the game will be published soon enough.

But “GTA 6” wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon that is for sure because aside from the fact programmer Rockstar Games will not release game titles annually, it also will not need to produce a half baked end product that could just be criticized for coming out as a significant disappointment to gamers.

Up to now, the gossips are quite consistent using the release date of “GTA 6” which would probably occur from 2018 to 2020. Eventually the game bounces back to 2018 while there are occasional reports that it may come out in 2017.

Considering that the “GTA 3,” Rockstar has come up using a policy of not releasing a game annually to supply the business adequate time to come up with an excellent game before releasing it to people and prevent releasing low quality sequel to the its present game titles.

Another intriguing gossip about “GTA 6” is its setting which according to latest reports would include the maps of the total US because of its gameplay.

Meaning traveling may also be performed by atmosphere rather than only through the boring road trip although Benzies did mention that players may fly between US cities.