Guy who’d said he was 15 at time of offense he did...

Guy who’d said he was 15 at time of offense he did not perpetrate is hung by Pakistan


Pakistan on Tuesday hanged a guy who said he was 15 when he was detained for a murder he didn’t perpetrate in the most recent instance to shine a spotlight on the haphazard justice system in Pakistan.

The victim’s family said the neighbor was killed by Iqbal in a cricket match but Iqbal said authorities framed him by planting two firearms at his house.

His body were handed over to his family and Iqbal was hanged each day in the central Pakistani city of Sargodha, authorities said.

Pakistani law will not permit the execution of someone detained as a juvenile. The court failed to analyze Iqbal’s school records and birth certificate which give his age at 15 and 14 saying the files were submitted.

But not many of the 240 individuals had any connections to militancy.

A lot of the families say they were too poor to get great attorneys and falsely accused.

The criminal justice system in Pakistan is widely considered tainted. Authorities often require few and bribes are trained in gathering evidence or maintaining a crime scene. Rather, they rely on verbal statements that are readily controlled. Accusations of torture are not unusual.