Hackers Blackmailing Gigi Hadid Over Private Photos

Hackers Blackmailing Gigi Hadid Over Private Photos


Hackers have allegedly stolen Gigi Hadid’s bare pictures, and currently they are interested in having the supermodel to pay up.

The Victoria’s Secret model is the most recent star whose bare pictures were hacked, but unlike the huge on-line leak of celebrity naked pictures Hadid is being blackmailed by the hackers.

TMZ reported that access was obtained by the hackers threatening to release Hadid’s naked pictures to the 20-year old’s iCloud account. Citing anonymous sources, the publication included the hackers need Hadid to pay up or else her pictures will be sold by them to the media.

She continues to be seen naked before, but on her own terms, while the model certainly doesn’t need Hadid’s bare pictures to get leaked.

The light-haired stunner has apparently made a decision to fight back and contact law enforcement officials because the latest naked pictures hack involved stealing and violation of solitude. A personal security company Hadid hired is now tracking down the hackers threatening to release her pictures.

Hadid’s bare pictures were probably got through an identical process hackers used to steal hundreds of videos as well as private pictures of celebs in previous years.

Only last year, a substantial naked picture hack happened and involved well-known female stars like KateĀ Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco.

The hackers suspected of employing a straightforward phishing scheme, which includes sending fake e-mails that direct casualties to sham sites that prompt them to log in and supply advice. This info can be used by the hackers to have use of the stars’ personal accounts, reported the la Times.

Generally, hacked photographs wind up a web site with the image-based message board that allows users to share opinions and images anonymously, in accordance with the Daily Mail.

That isn’t the first time. In late June and the supermodel went from the flat after, Porter was arrested for stalking.