Harvey Goldsmith: Secondary ticketing websites “a national disgrace”

Harvey Goldsmith: Secondary ticketing websites “a national disgrace”


He explained tickets were advertised for as much as GBP3,300 despite a face value, on resale websites.
A public consultation is running.

Supporters have to submit their perspectives on the problem.

Goldsmith’s remarks come after rock star Prince postponed the selling to his European tour over worries about tickets being resold on third party sites.

Goldsmith afterwards pulled on the tour in France in the aftermath of the terror strikes.

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called to get a crackdown on ticket resale websites, asserting consumers face a “stitch-up”.

The group spent eight weeks tracking four of the most important secondary ticketing sites and said it discovered “some extremely uncommon behavior”.

“And four found tickets that have been appearing concurrently on the primary as well as the resale sites, just as tickets went on sale.”

The magazine also found that resale restrictions – including the condition showing photo ID in the site – weren’t being disclosed.

“This is truly worrying,” said Mori, “because folks could go onto these resale sites, spend just as much as GBP1,500, then visit the site and be turned away.”