Hats OFF! Erin Andrews Praises Fans After Peeping Tom Case Win On...

Hats OFF! Erin Andrews Praises Fans After Peeping Tom Case Win On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Erin Andrews made $55 million in a civil lawsuit over naked videos and she is so relieved the legal drama is finally behind her.

She gets to concentrate on the newest season of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’So courageous!

Erin Andrews, 37, went back to being her pleasure and lively self and set her Peeping Tom litigation success, stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 16. “I do not have any cash,” Erin answered, referring to how she does not make THAT much bank on either DWTS or coverage for Fox Sports, before getting the joke that it was around giant her legal success. Erin went to say “I wish to thank everybody.

Jimmy told her “I’m so happy you won,” and that he knew she couldn’t discuss many details of the case since it’s in the appeals process, but he did let her finally speak out in public for the first time about it. “Thank you, yeah, this is kind of my ‘come out of hiding’ so why would I not want to be here,” she replied. Erin went on to say “I want to thank everybody. People from all over the world, who were so supportive. There are no many nice people that reached out,” then turned to Jimmy to personally tell him, “Thank you, love you.” Aww!

With that out of the way it was time to the DWTS of dish on new cast of season 22. She believes GMA weathercaster Ginger Zee, 35, could do nicely, noting “She’ll be fine and she has Val (Chmerkovskiy), he’s the hottest.”