HEART TOUCHING! Dying children ‘being forced to eat animal feed’ in Syria

HEART TOUCHING! Dying children ‘being forced to eat animal feed’ in Syria


Some aid agencies say the actual number may be up to 1.9 million. There were hopes the existing cessation of hostilities, which came into force on 27 February, would be a turning point, empowering support organisations to get spaces that are besieged.

A few of assistance convoys have since reached 150,000 individuals, but charities and residents say deliveries have been patchy.”Support has reached some places, but deliveries are piecemeal and inconsistent,” Save the Children’s CEO, Tanya Steele, said. “To have kids going hungry and sick merely a quick drive from warehouses of food is appalling and it is time we stopped this black scenario.”

Accessibility is given to every convoy separately, and they may be merely in a position to take enough supplies to last a couple of weeks, without any promise of when the next delivery will likely be made.

A third of 126 residents interviewed by Save the Children say they regularly go without one meal a day, along with kids have been seen by a quarter within their towns dying due to insufficient food. The report paints a stark image of the harshness of living under siege – after medical staff ran out of IV bags in Moadamiyeh, just a couple of miles in the capital Damascus, three newborn babies died.