Heather Locklear has Charlie Sheen in her thoughts

Heather Locklear has Charlie Sheen in her thoughts


Tonight was taken to Instagram by the actress to share her support for the celebrity and longtime buddy, who’s appearing for a live, in-studio interview with Today’s Matt Lauer. A press release issued Monday said the 50-year-old celebrity “will make a revealing personal announcement.”

“My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family,” Locklear wrote with a picture of the pair together.

The distressed performer has five children, ranging in age along with three ex wives: Donna Peele (1995-1996), Denise Richards (2002-2006) and Brooke Mueller (2008-2011). E! News has learned that Richards and her two daughters with Sam, Sheen and Lola, are HIV negative.

Sheen, who has had his fair share of troubles before, has stayed with his last regular TV appearance being back in 2014 for the Anger Management of FX, away from the limelight in the past year.

The performer and multiple porn stars have dated over time, and has discussed his struggles with alcohol and drug addictions. Throughout a videotaped deposition as part of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss’s tax-evasion trial in 1995, as an example, the actor acknowledged that he’d spent $53,000 for “sexual services” from prostitutes over a 15-month interval between 1991 and 1993.

And although the actor hasn’t been involved with any jobs, Sheen made headlines when he endured a spell of serious food poisoning scrapped Richards on Twitter and considered a run for public office.