Heavy Rain WARNING After Snow Storm, Met Office issues amber warning as...

Heavy Rain WARNING After Snow Storm, Met Office issues amber warning as gusts of 80mph and heavy rain head for UK


Storm Gertrude is set to batter against the UK on Friday, drenching some places with significant rain and bringing wind gusts of up to 80mph.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather caution for wind in most of Scotland and Northern Ireland. “We warn the people and emergency responders of severe or dangerous weather that has the capacity to cause risk to life,” the site reads.

A yellowish caution for snow, ice and rain in addition has been issued for most of Scotland and portions of northern England.

Met Office representative Lindsay Mears told The Independent: “Storm Gertrude is likely to come in [on Thursday night].

Storm Gertrude, the results of an Atlantic low going across great britain, will then travel down the state bringing significant winds of up to 70mph for the Midlands and rain for southwest England up until approximately 6pm on Friday.But temperatures will likely be mild.

Ms Mears said: “Wetter, more blustery weather is connected with more moderate temperatures. Temperatures in Scotland will take a plunge on Sunday.”It is going to be rather chilly, with an increase of gales. There may be some snow in northern regions,” said Ms Mears. “We are looking at 5degC or 6degC in Scotland as well as the north of England.”In the south of England, temperatures will hover between 10degC and 11degC, striking around 13degC in London.