Heineken winning Rugby World Cup sponsorship challenge

Heineken winning Rugby World Cup sponsorship challenge

The research, from Adobe, looks in patrons and the teams of the UK-sponsored event, according to opinion, societal references, subsequent and position within world rugby.

Australia came in England and second the research found.

Key findings:

Heineken UK is the best- running a particular advertising campaign, performance Rugby World Cup patron in societal and engaging 29 percent of its own Twitter following.

The Rugby World Cup started a cellular use before in 2013 to participate more with devotees in the societal space,.

When it comes to patrons, Heineken UK is the top performing patron of the occasion in regards to societal.

A special advertising campaign running throughout the function, and has on its UK Twitter account and 3,600 followers 12,600 mentions, around 29 per cent of its following. of involvement speed This compares with fellow patron Toshiba, which has not run a RWC- effort that is special and has just participated two percent of its following around the occasion.

ADI’s evaluation of the tournament suggests that in the event the Rugby World Cup were based on buff excitement, New Zealand would prevail against Australia in the final, with England beating Argentina to take third place.