Here She is! Sexy Bipasha Basu New Photoshoot For Hi Blitz Will...

Here She is! Sexy Bipasha Basu New Photoshoot For Hi Blitz Will Make KSG Go Crazy!


The newly-wed of B-town, Bipasha Basu graces the cover of Hi Blitz’s latest version and we wager that her photoshoot images will surely make her hubby Karan Singh Grover go crazy! What have you been waiting for?

Here’s what she told: “He’s a Piscean, I am a Capricorn. I am a very practical person. He’s definitely more romantic than mine; I am the one who breaks the romance and says now back to reality.” “He is a great soul.They don’t make people like Karan. People will say, ‘Oh she’s his wife and naturally she has to say good things about him’, but it’s the truth. He is extremely loving, caring and giving.”

“You know I’ve been the one who is caring towards people, but for someone to care so much about me and love me so much… And he’s like that with everybody. That’s the special quality I really admire in a human being. That you can have such a big heart.” In the same cover story, Bipasha also shared her first reaction when Karan Singh Grover proposed her for marriage and her reply was not a straight ‘Yes’.

Yes, you read it right. “The first thing I said was ‘I was not supposed to be married! Why do you want to marry me?’ That was my reaction to his proposal! i just didn’t even think I would get married..I guess I gave up hope.”

“And we have something so beautiful that I was a little deep scared to tamper it with big words like marriage. Because it’s more about societal pressure and for the world,” told Bipasha.