Hero stabbed in California-France train attack

Hero stabbed in California-France train attack


LOS ANGELES: One who helped thwart a terror strike on a Paris-bound train was stabbed in his home state – Thursday, seemingly after coming into a lady ‘s saving, authorities said.

Airman Spencer Stone, 23, was stabbed in Sacramento as he was leaving a pub with friends, Ken Bernard, after he got into a fight using several guys, the deputy chief of police of the city’s told reporters.

Bernard said policemen who arrived in the scene discovered Stone with numerous stab wounds.

“He’s now being treated for what is apparently non-life threatening but quite critical harms,” Bernard said, adding that two male Asian defendants were being sought in relation to the assault.

A source close to the investigation told AFP that Stone was seemingly attempting to protect a girl being harassed with several guys when he got stabbed.

It was not clear in the event the girl was with Stone.

The source said several of those – two guys including him and three girls – were intoxicated but it was not clear if he.

Video footage of the event released by US media and caught by a closeby surveillance camera reveals Stone fighting off several men when what is apparently a police car arrives in the scene, who scatter.

A reddish spot could be seen propagating on Stone’s white top.