HIGH FLAME! Ranveer Singh, Sunny Leone wants you to do something for...

HIGH FLAME! Ranveer Singh, Sunny Leone wants you to do something for her!


In a exclusive interview with Sunny Leone, the Mastizaade performer has formed a proposal for the Bajirao Ranveer Singh of Bollywood!

Ranveer Singh lately had a major transformation also it’s hurt me immensely. No Deepika! The celebrity chopped off her Bajirao Mastani’s costar Ranveer Singh’s mantastic ‘staches! It had to happen someday while I do feel incredibly poor. And yes, Deepika did have a point regarding why she chopped off it and it did made sense. Well, with or without moustache, Ranveer Singh is among the most occurring men of Bollywood and none other than Sunny Leone said it!

Sunny Leone said that she really wants to see her movie Mastizaade! And before you get all incorrect notions about it, I Will say that it is only because she believes Ranveer has an excellent sense of humour. I do believe he’s an excellent sense of humour so if I see the film with Ranveer because I believe the film would get him laugh.” Now is not that sweet of Sunny? All of us understand about funny and goofy Ranveer Singh is so it is not a shock that Sunny Leone feels exactly the same about it. Actually, now I Had like to find out whether the invitation is taken on by the Bajirao Mastani celebrity and sees the movie Mastizaade!

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