HIGH PROFILE Ranveer Singh opens up about his casting couch experience !!

HIGH PROFILE Ranveer Singh opens up about his casting couch experience !!


Ranveer Singh is among the finest performers of Bollywood who has grown to be a heartthrob. We additionally value the reality he is quite upfront and honest about everything while we adore Ranveer’s quirkiness.

The performer, who had been an assistant director was well versed with portfolio and cast making but never did he anticipate that he’d fall victim to casting couch in Bollywood. The performer, in a interview having a station that was top, disclosed his casting couch encounter.

The Bajirao Mastani celebrity labeled the cast director as a “exceptionally sleazy gentleman” who did not even look at his portfolio. The performer said, “I ‘d worked as an assistant director and that I understood that there are not any takers for 500-page portfolio.

Ranveer was further suggested by the cast director to be hot and intelligent to go miles.

And what came as a jolt to the performer was when the manager said that he will need to be open touch and to take. Well, that was actual! But here’s the part that is amusing. When all those demands were refused to by Ranveer, the guy began to negotiate with him if he is able to touch or simply see it! Ok, speechless as I ‘m, it’s very courageous of Ranveer to have opened up about this encounter of his and he discovered that this sleazeball has made similar suggestions to them too when the performer after talked to some other strugglers!

That is in the brutal truth of fact showbiz! And while this debacle was escaped by Ranveer, he’s formed a name for himself in the sector. And Bajirao Mastani which is slated to release on December 18, with his forthcoming movie, let us hope it pans out good!