Hillary Clinton to drive executive action enlarging background checks new gun control...

Hillary Clinton to drive executive action enlarging background checks new gun control proposals


Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton will suggest new gun control measures, including a vow to use executive action to enlarge background checks at on the internet and gun shows.

Clinton’s strategies will be unveiled by she during a campaign swing. Clinton’s campaign says her suggestions incorporate a repeal of laws protecting gun makers, vendors and dealers in the event of mass shootings such as the one which killed nine pupils and teachers in a community college, even from most liability suits.

Sanders backed all the Democratic firearm bills brought up in Congress in the year 2012 following the Sandy Hook shooting.

Clinton has made strict firearm laws a centerpiece. Following a number of shootings in the last few months has reignited debate over gun laws, Clinton has appeared among the fiercest proponents

“What’s wrong with Clinton, that we can’t stand until the NRA as well as the gun lobby, as well as the gun manufacturing companies they represent?” Clinton said in Florida on Friday. “This isn’t only awful. The gun manufacturers do not just have to pray for individuals. We must act and we must create a movement. It is infuriating.”

“We must make every politician who sides with [the NRA] to appear in the eyes of parents whose children are killed,” she said. “The GOP counts on a committed group that frightens politicians and says ‘we are going to vote against you’ … So we are going to take politicians on. Republican lawmakers took Hillary on in 90s and we are going to do again.”