His First Lady!

His First Lady!


Kim Kardashian is a music video vixen, although Michelle could have danced to Uptown Funk once.

The reality star nearly had more airtime than her husband in a fairly long video montage as he taken his Video Vanguard Award, dedicated to Kanye West.

Kim was the symbol of her husband’s commitment to pushing at the limits as it pertains to music beneath the banners ‘eyesight’ and ‘attractiveness’.

Included in the musician’s launch, the reality star’s infamous cameo in Kanye’s Leap 2 video – which saw her ride back and topless on a bike – flashed upwards across the giant screen.

As that was as hot, an saucy video snip of the 34-year old popped up using the word ‘attractiveness’ around it.

With her famous derriere shown, Kim assesses the luggage compartment of a car which seems to have Kanye in it.

As Kim is now, needless to say, quite pregnant, the saucy section was definitely filmed some time past.